Avalanche in your pocket - KDEPIM on mobile devices

Speaker: Till Adam

Along with the rest of KDE, the team working on personal information management is lately reaching beyond the desktop, targeting mobile phones and other smaller form factor devices with its applications. This makes for an interesting problem space as it brings together huge amounts of sensitive data, high throughput, low latency operations, complex and broad feature sets, multi back-end setups, advanced semantically enriched interactions that still need to be fast with resource constraint devices, low bandwidth and high latency connections, difficult usage conditions, small screens, touch screen usage patterns and physical security issues, to name a few aspects. Akonadi, KDE's new personal information management infrastructure and newly developed, more mobile friendly UIs have to address these problems, if KDEPIM is to be a viable option for hand-held devices. This presentation will explore how the KDEPIM team is finding solutions for various issues at the architectural, implementation and design level, what challenges remain and what developers and users can expect from this work in the future.

Till Adam

Till contributes to KDEPIM and Akonadi by mostly staying out of the way of those doing the actual work, these days. In return, they let him fly around the world to tell everyone, everywhere about how cool this stuff is. Part of his job at KDAB consists of the coordination of the company's KDE related activities. He lives in Berlin with his wife and daughter.