Finding Direction - Marble goes Mobile

Speaker: Torsten Rahn

During the last few years the virtual globe Marble has mostly focused its development on desktop platforms: Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
With the upcoming Marble release this strategy is about to change: Marble will start to support mobile platforms like Nokia's MeeGo and Maemo OS.

Additionally Marble will shift and extend its focus on new kinds of use cases:

The new Marble version provides mature routing capabilities and allows users to find directions. Along with this change in terms of feature set the new UI will fit the changing requirements: the needs of small devices and a new group of users.

This presentation shows how a KDE/Qt application is being adjusted to the mobile form factor. We discuss how this affects goals, development, deployment and user interface design.

Additionally we will present the latest results of the Marble-related Google Summer of Code 2010 projects. Specifically we'll also show the results of the Marble To Go project which is aiming for providing a navigation mode for Marble.

Torsten Rahn