Unclouding ownCloud

Speaker: Frank Karlitschek

The biggest trends of the last years were the move from classic desktop applications to cloud based services and mobile phone based apps. So where is the place for KDE in the future? Desktop, mobile and cloud apps have different advantages and disadvantages for users and developers.
It is important for KDE to think about this changes and come up with concepts how the free desktop can combine the advantages of this trends without the disadvantages like for example privacy problems.
KDE has the best technology and a fantastic community which enables us to create great solutions for the upcoming years.
We can use our existing advantages like cross platform frameworks, network transparency, social desktop, semantic desktop and projects like Silk and combine them with open cloud services to build the best environment for users and developers.

The free software world needs free and distributed services to store and share files,

This talk will present the ideas behind the ownCloud project, the current state and a vision for the future

Frank Karlitschek

Frank Karlitschek was born 1973 and lives in Stuttgart, Germany. He is a KDE contributor since 2001. Frank worked in the artist team and is the maintainer of KDE-Look.org, KDE-Apps.org and the openDesktop.org network. He invented the Social Desktop idea and founded the ownCloud project. He as a member of the board of directors of the KDE e.V.