How can you prepare your KDE application for Windows?

Speaker: Casper van Donderen

The KDE Windows team is a small team with an important task: getting KDE onto the Windows platforms. The team receives many requests about adding support for specific applications. However, the team has limited capacity. This talk wants to teach KDE's Linux developers how they can prepare their applications for the Windows platforms - without ever having to run Windows themselves.

Topics include: Exporting classes in libraries, getting the application icon to work, dependency handling, and how to request your application to be tested.

Casper van Donderen

My name is Casper van Donderen, Mediatechnology student from the Netherlands and I have been part of the KDE community since early 2009.  I started working on the 3D part of Kolf-NG and was crew member at CeBIT 2009. After GCDS I joined the KDE-Windows team working on stabilizing Amarok and Gluon for the Windows platform.