Social Games

Speaker: Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen

The Gluon game creation framework is designed to make the creation of games simpler. But it is also about making the distribution of those games simpler, and enabling those who play the games to report back on the quality and any other things they may have to say on the topic. As such, this paper describes how the Gluon software packages uses the Open Collaboration Services framework to allow for this multi-way communication: From creator to player, from player back to creator, and from player to player.

Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen

Dan, known to most people as Leinir, is a software developer who started out by ruining his possibilities for the next few years by learning Visual Basic 3 as his first language. However, from there he jumped later to PHP, which he worked on as a part of a Multimedia Designer course, and finally decided to learn properly, starting at Aalborg University's informatics course, which now, five years later, has resulted in an MSc in software construction, specialised in game and engine programming. His active involvement with the open source community began when he joined the Amarok team as usability guy in 2006, and finally in 2009 he joined the Gluon team. Here he helped refine the library layout, and was primus motor for developing the Gluon Vision, as well as being one of two core developers on the Gluon Engine system. In June 2010 he finishes his Master's Thesis, and following this he will be moving to England, where he will move in with his partner through three years.