KDE and the Secret Service

Speaker: Michael Leupold

The freedesktop.org Secrets D-Bus API is a joint development of the gnome-keyring and the KDE Wallet developers to create a common method to access a
user's secrets.

First I'll be giving a short introduction to the fd.o project, why it was started and where we currently are. Afterwards I will concentrate on the current state of the KDE implementation, especially the architecture of ksecretserviced, the daemon developed as a successor to kwalletd.

Michael Leupold

Michael Leupold has been contributing to KDE since 2008. Apart from helping triaging and fixing bugs (which he nowadays only has little time for) he's the maintainer of KWallet and currently works on an implementation of the freedesktop.org secret service specification for KDE.
He's currently employed as a research assistant in the field of manufacturing-simulation and ergonomics.