UI Design for Developers

Spealers: Nuno Pinheiro and David Vignony

Some tips about good design, software "Personas", the merits of wireframe design. We will try to include real life examples between designer/developer interaction.

The talk will be a teaser about a workshop to set up after the conferences, were we hope to do an all hands work on design, usability, Interaction Design the workshop would be open to all interested in to this sort of subjects and hopefully set up a more coherent work method in OSS/kde regarding this sort of subjects.

Nuno Pinheiro

Nuno Pinheiro was born 1977 and lives in Vila Real, Portugal, works for Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB as the UI/designer, He is a KDE contributor since 2004.  Nuno works in the artist team and is the Current Oxygen coordinator.

David Vignoni

David Vignoni currently Senior Visual Designer  at Meebo and member of the User Experience team. Designed Funded and art-directed the Oxygen icon theme. Creator of the Nuvola Icon Theme. Enjoys designing gorgeous icons as well as taking care of the whole visual appearance, creating appealing, functional and usable design solutions.